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11 April 2013
A Spring Affair: Cooking with Friends
It's no secret that my dream is to see everyone cooking good food, and not necessarily completely from scratch. I love helping and teaching friends new things in the kitchen, whether it's recipes, tricks or shortcuts to make fresh, healthy and great tasting food. Sure ordering take-out is easy, but most people are surprised to know that you can whip up a fast delicious dish in that 45-60 minutes you're wait for the food delivery. Cooking is one of the most important things a person can ever learn. Once you understand the basics, the sky's the limit. And so you can imagine my excitement when the lovely ladies from De Dietrich Cuisine Academy contacted me to host a cooking class with them. The French premium academy opened its doors recently at Dubai Ladies Club and offers exciting class from bread making to sushi, cupcakes and tea time favorites. With it's sleek design and stylish appliances, De Dietrich Academy was the prefect place to hold a ladies lunch. Chef Gabrielle and I came up with a Spring inspired menu, a three course meal using fresh local ingredients. The guests were friends and friend of friends who shared a love for cooking... and eating! Our lunch menu started with a refreshing grilled shrimp and mango salad that requires very little cooking. Main was a choice of beef or fish, served on a bed of Mediterranean potato mash topped with a tangy virgin sauce. And dessert was a beautiful white chocolate tart with fresh raspberries... the highlight of the afternoon and the only thing that was able to quiet down 15 enthusiastic ladies. The girls walked away with full tummies, and a goody bag of goodies including a jar of my homemade granola. Thank you De Dietrich Cuisine Academy for this wonderful opportunity and big love to my dear friend Anna Maria Aoun for designing the invitation and recipe cards. Finally thanks Fishfayce for the stunning photography and Moushii for the giveaways. Applause. Exit stage left.

inviteThe gorgeous kitchen at Dubai Ladies Club 

kitchen knife cutlery pans

Let's Get Cooking! We started with dessert...

pastry rolling tart making

the girls cookingLuscious white chocolate...yummm!

making the tarts

making tarts

decorating the tarts

final tartsAnd  some were too hungry to wait

licking the bowlNow for the main course

ingredients Peeling, Peeling


peelingChopping, chopping

mango slices


mango salad beforeYes it's as good as it looks

mango salad



grilled shrimps


sauceMediterranean potato mash with sun-dried tomatoes and olives. Heaven!

for potato mash

onionsAnd ta-da! the final beauties

mango shrimp salad

mashed potato and fish

white chocolate tartMore beauties 

girlsOh and this stunning centerpiece, stay tuned for next post

flower arrangement

goody bag