cake decoration
03 February 2013
Butter Me Up: Lurpak Baking Studio
I'm in love. With a little place I soon want to call home. You wouldn't expect it, a homey villa transferred into a cooking studio right on Beach Road. And it's all thanks to Lurpak for introducing me to Top Chef. I was so delighted when I was invited to the Lurak Baking Studio cake decorating session last week. We were welcomed with coffee and biscuits as we waited for everyone to arrive. Aprons on, camera in hand - and we were ready to bake! The task was simple: a creamed butter cake (and we're talking about a LOT of butter), decorated with white fondant and edible flowers. Easy right? We worked in pairs, quickly finished making the cake and took a small break while they baked. Back to the dining area with of course - more baked treats. This time the cutest Lurpak red velvet cupcakes you've ever seen. Way too pretty to eat and well worth ruining the diet :) We went back to the studio and our friendly cake decorating instructor taught us all about butter-cream icing, flower decoration, cake filling and fondant. It took me back to my days at Cordon Bleu, the little details, pastry equipment, delicate method and the satisfaction of making something really pretty to take home. Thank you Saha W Hana, Lupak and Top Chef for such a beautiful morning. Oh and the giveaways: 12 packs of butter. Cake, anyone?


Lurpak Butter

getting started


cake batter

ready for the oven

Lurpak cupcakes


flower deco


my flowers

cutting the cake


add the top

cake fondant

final cake

purple cake decoration

purple cake decoration

cake deco

cake decoration

cake flowers

flower cake

cake decoration

leaf cake decoration

flower cake

flowers cakes

cake flowers