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A Princess is Coming

December 16, 2012
pink baby shower
It's a girl! Well, not quite yet. But a pink-themed shower was the perfect way to help Vitalia, the mother-to-be, prepare for her little princess. Having planned just one other baby shower before, my friends and I decided to keep it simple... and splash the whole house in pink! We called event planners Baby Bling, and they decked the house with pink and white balloons. From top to bottom, and every corner of the room, we had balloons and pink baby decoration. Taking a cue from the fabulous Amy Atlas (the dessert buffet queen), we recreated a pink dessert table with homemade sweets like strawberry cheesecake bites, cupcakes, and rich chocolate mousse. We also had a self-serve sundae bar with buckets of store-bought ice cream and lots of toppings to choose from. The cake was a delicious Russian honey cake, one of the yummiest cakes I've ever tasted. The best part of the evening was the masseur. As guests walked in, they were treated to a quick 10 minutes shoulder massage. The poor guy never got a break, I walked by at least a dozen times for my turn but it never came. To give everyone a special keepsake of the party, we put together a manicure set with all the essentials for pretty pink nails. Congrats Vitalia! Can't wait to meet your beautiful baby girl.

pink balloons

baby diaper

diaper games



diaper cake






close up cake

cake cutting


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